1. Spy Robot 
  2. Metal detector Robot
  3. Bomb Defuser Robot
  4. Android app controlled Robot
  5. Pick & Place Robot
  6. joystick-controlled wheelchair
  7. Android controlled home Automation
  8. RF Id based Attendance system
  9. IR remote controlled home Automation
  10. Car parking project based on RF Id
  11. Line Following Robot
  12. voice controlled Robotic vehicle
  1. Robotic Arm controlled by android app
  2. Multi-directional Robot (using OMNI wheel)
  3. Agriculture robot
  4. Automatic Grasscutter Robot
  5. Long range spy Robot with night vision camera
  6. firefighter Robot
  7. RF Controlled robotic vehicle
  8. App-controlled pick and Place Robot
  9. Automatic door opening for Metro 
  10. Pedal Powered electricity generator


  1. Many More projects are available, the interested candidate contacts us. they can order project with their own idea.
  2. candidate can design and assemble their project with our guidance.


Projects For Engineering Final year students


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